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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Water Resources Information System (WRIS)

India-WRIS WebGIS aims as a ‘Single Window’ solution for comprehensive, authoritative and consistent data & information of India’s water resources along with allied natural resources in a standardized national GIS framework with tools to search, access, visualize, understand and analyze the data for assessment, monitoring, planning, development and finally Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The project has been jointly undertaken by CWC, MoJS and NRSC, ISRO, DoS in year 2009.

Based on the requirements and data availability, the India-WRIS Web-GIS has 12 major info systems, 36 sub info systems including 95 layers, classified under 5 major groups :
1) Watershed Atlas
2) Administrative Layers
3) Water Resources Projects
4) Thematic Layers
5) Environmental Data

The main layers developed under India-WRIS are Basin, Sub Basin, Watershed, River, water-body, urban and rural population extents, Dams, Barrage/weir/anicut, canals and command boundaries etc. These spatial layers have large number of attribute data of 5-100 years depending upon the theme. All unclassified data of CWC’s HO stations and CGWB ground water data is available in the portal for free download. The information system has dedicated Sub-Info systems for various components of surface water, ground water, hydro-met observations, water quality, snow cover, inter-basin transfer links, land resources, socio-economic parameters as well as infrastructure and other administrative layers.

The India-WRIS WebGIS has special modules for live telemetry data and reservoir module with daily level and storage data of reservoirs. Automatic map generation and automatic report generation Module can cater the need of area specific maps and reports. Customized maps can be generated using create your WRIS Module. India-WRIS Web-GIS has all the map viewing and other capabilities including saving/printing facilities.