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The project interlinks five rivers i.e. Ghagra, Saryu, Rapti, Banganga and Rohini. The project is being implemented in phases i.e. Phase-I (Pre-AIBP), Phase-II (AIBP) and Phase-III (PMKSY-NP). The project was included under AIBP in 1996-97 and remained under AIBP till the year 2011-12. Irrigation Potential of 9.31 Lakh ha reportedly created till the completion of Phase-I and II.  
Subsequently, balance works in Saryu System and new works in Rapti System with balance IP of 4.73 lakh ha were included under the National Project (NP) Scheme in the Year 2012-13 and is now targeted to be completed by December, 2019. 
Irrigation benefits of the project are spread in nine districts of Uttar Pradesh with CCA of 11.29 Lakh ha. The Ultimate Irrigation Potential of the whole project is 14.04 Lakh ha. 
The latest revised estimated cost of works is Rs. 9802.67 crore out of which cost of National Project components under PMKSY is Rs. 5803.61 crore (2016 price Level). Fast Track Proforma Clearance (FTPC) to the revised cost of the project has been accorded by CWC vide letter dated 19.01.2018. The project is being monitored by M & A Dte., CWC, Lucknow.

  1. 1.Project Components: The main components of the project are as under:
    • Two barrages i.e. Saryu Barrage and Rapti Barrage.
    • Four main canals i.e. Saryu Link Channel (SLC), Saryu Main Canal (SMC), Rapti Link Channel (RLC) and Rapti Main Canal (RMC).
    • Ten Branch Canals.
    • Four pump canals i.e. Utraula Pump Canal, Dumariaganj Pump Canal, Ayodhya Pump Canal and Gola Pump Canal.
  2. 2.Benefits
    1. a)

      Irrigation Potential





      Whole Project


      14.04 Lakh Ha

      CCA of the whole project                : 11.29 Lakh Ha.


      National Project part


      4.73 Lakh Ha

      CCA of NP Part of the project          : 3.33 Lakh Ha.


      Annual Irrigation


      14.04 Lakh Ha

      For whole project


      Drinking Water Supply



      Irrigation Demand: 5890.67 MCM-Surface Water

      (As per TAC Note 2010)

  3. 3.Physical & Financial progress as on 01.04.2018 (For National Project Components)
    1. A.PHYSICAL:
      1. i)

        Afflux Bund (km of bund constructed)


        4.5 %


        Main canal


        72 %


        Branch canal


        10 %


        Distributaries & Minors


        36 %


        Irrigation Potential created up to March, 2018


        1.48 Lakh Ha

        Balance IP to be created: 3.25 Lakh Ha.

    2. B.FINANCIAL: (Amount in Rs. crore)
      1. i)

        Approved Cost of works as on 12/2012 for NP component


        3011.53 (PL 2008)


        Latest Revised approved Cost of works for NP component


        5803.6130 (PL 2016)


        Expenditure up to March, 2017 (on NP)




        Expenditure during 2017-18 (on NP)




        Cumulative expenditure up to March, 2018 (on NP)




        Balance Cost as on 01.04.2018 (on NP)




        Budget outlay for the year 2018-19 (on NP)



  4. 4.Target Date completion:-     December, 2019
  5. 5.Issues
    1. 1. Land acquisition

      As per CA proposal of 2018-19, 1251.45 ha of land is yet to be acquired for NP components.

      2. R&R

      No R&R Issues

      3. Court Cases

      Yes, court cases are pending for land acquisition.

      4. Contractual Issues

      No Contractual Issues

      5. Other Issues

        • Campierganj system with an I.P. 1.16 Lakh Ha. is in very initial stage.
        • For AIBP Gaps, 203.35 ha of land in various stretches of AIBP part need to be acquired to bridged-up the canal gaps for realization of IP created.
  6. 6. CA details (Amount in Rs. crore)
    1. i)

      Eligible CA as on 01.04.2016 as per new PMKSY guidelines




      CA released during 2016-17




      CA released during 2017-18




      Balance CA to be released as on 01.04.2018



  7. 7. CADWM details: Target date of Completion December 2019; Status of Inclusion under the CADWM scheme: Included for 4.80 L. Ha of CCA
    1. Area Proposed (Lakh Ha)

      Central Share

      State Share

      Total cost of CAD works

      CA released in 2018-19 (Rs. cr)





      CA proposal is awaited for 2.30 Lakh Ha. of CCA.

      Note: Out of total CCA of 11.29 Lakh ha, only 2.26 lakh ha is covered by CAD works and remaining 9.03 Lakh ha is to be taken up.