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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)


E.g., 25/08/2019
Sl. No. Reference No. Title Department Name Last Date Of Submission View Download
1 CD/HQ/B-11/2016/ 2613-17
NIQ for Supply of Hydrological Equipment in CWC, JammuExpiring Within a week
CE(IBO) 25/08/2019 PDF icon Download (1.3 MB)
2 25/2/HOC-No/2019-20/855-59
Auction Notice of T & P Articles
CE (YBO) 14/08/2019 PDF icon Download (98.17 KB)
3 102/01/2019-20/PID/Security/1926-30 dated 12.07.2019
Providing Round the Clock, Watch & Ward (without arm) services to Government building & material at Planning & investigation Division, CWC, Faridabad, within the offices premises of Planning Circle, P&l Division, and Transit camp, CWC.
C.E (YBO) 08/08/2019 PDF icon Download (22.01 MB)
4 CH/Hq/B-11/2016/2701-04
Corrigendum for NIQ for supply of Hydrological equipment for chenab Division, CWC, Jammu
CE (IBO) 08/08/2019 PDF icon Download (307.34 KB)
5 05/1/LYD-2019/2568-71 Dt. 20/07/2019
NIQ for purchase Chemical & Glassware for the Water Quality Laboratory under Lower Yamuna Division, Agra
C.E (YBO) 06/08/2019 PDF icon Download (3.58 MB)
6 CWC/NEID-I/DB/R&M GDS Sites/JH/2019/1350-56
NIQ for supply and installation of gauge post under NEID-I, CWC, Silcher
CE (B&BBO) 06/08/2019 PDF icon Download (188.72 KB)
7 2018/370-73
Printing / photocopying and Supply of Morphology Report (15 Copies)
C.E (KGBO) 05/08/2019 PDF icon Download (502.62 KB)
8 NEID-I/DB/JH/HV/NIQ/2019/1338-45
NIQ for hiring of Vehicle MUVs for NEID_I, CWC, Silcher
CE (B&BBO) 05/08/2019 PDF icon Download (629.02 KB)
9 LWSD/CWC/A-9/2019/318-26 date. 22/07/2019
NIQ for Construction of MTBM at 4 new sites Kurkheda, Bagdi, Sakoli Bridge & Wadsa under LWSD, CWC, Chandrapur.
C.E (Mon Central Org) 01/08/2019 PDF icon Download (774.53 KB)
10 04/07/NIQ/2019-UBD/1053-55 dated 22/07/2019
Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply, installation and Commissioning of one 15 kVA Diesel Generating Set with Soundproof Acoustic Enclosure
C.E (B&BBO) 01/08/2019 PDF icon Download (1.24 MB)
11 SRD/C/13059/Tech/2019-20/1968-70 dated 23/07/2019
Corrigendum for work of Providing semi skilled man power services for HO observation at sites under VSD, CWC, Madurai
C.E (C&SRO) 31/07/2019 PDF icon Download (1.31 MB)
12 WD/NAG/HQJE/JE-34/2019-20
Notice Inviting Quotation for Casting & delivery of RCC (1:2:4) Gauge Posts as per the details given in NIQ
C.E (Mon Central Org) 31/07/2019 PDF icon Download (936.21 KB)
13 WSD/CWC/A-9/2019/367-73 Date 22/07/2019
NIQ for construction of MTBM at new sites: Purad, Mungoli Township, Nagri & patansongi under WSD, CWC, Chandrapur
C.E (Mon Central Org) 30/07/2019 PDF icon Download (595.87 KB)
14 LGD-3/W-10/2019/498-504
Auction "Disposal of office items of LGD-3, LGBO"
CE (LGBO) 30/07/2019 PDF icon Download (314.29 KB)
15 NEID-III/HQ-72/2019-20/1008-11 dated 22.07.2019
Corrigrndum for NIQ For supply of Retro Reflective Gauge Plate
C.E (B&BBO) 29/07/2019 PDF icon Download (251.44 KB)
16 102/06/NIQ/2019-20/2016-21 dated 23.07.2019
Corrigendum for "Hiring of one vehicle (Mahindra Botero/Tata Sumo/lnnova or Equivalent) with driver, fuel and maintenance required for nine months duration on contract basis for Simdega office under P&l Sub Division, CentratWater Commission, Jamshedpur
C.E (YBO) 29/07/2019 PDF icon Download (799.24 KB)
17 NEID-III/HQ_51?2019-20/1012-15 Dated 22.07.2019
NIQ for Procurement of Silt and Water Quality observation equipment
C.E (B&BBO) 29/07/2019 PDF icon Download (738.99 KB)
18 SWRD/HQS/259(1)/2019/3134-3137 dated 22.07.2019
Repair and other works of Vehicle No.KL 07X 5378 (Tata Sumo) of SWRD, CWC, Kochi.
C.E (C&SRO) 29/07/2019 PDF icon Download (1.34 MB)
19 NEID-I/Store-5/2017/1263-74
Auction "disposal of old LMV Maruti Gypsy AS-11/3130"
CE (B&BBO) 27/07/2019 PDF icon Download (179.27 KB)
20 ISD/DB-7/VOl-II/19-20/05-10 Dated 20-07-2019
Supply of Silt items at ISD CWC Maithon under NEID-III CWC Itanagar
C.E (B&BBO) 27/07/2019 PDF icon Download (829.87 KB)
21 NEID-I/Store-5/2017/1275-86
Auction "disposal of old LMV Mahindra & Mahindra Diesel Jeep AS-11/3286"
CE (B&BBO) 27/07/2019 PDF icon Download (183.64 KB)
22 NIT No. 12/SRD/CWC/2019-20/1800-03 dated:15/07/2019
Providing semi skilled man power services for collection of HO data from the HO sites under VSD, CWC, Madurai
C.E (C&SRO) 27/07/2019 PDF icon Download (297.58 KB)
23 NEID-I/Store-5/2017/1239-50
Auction "disposal of old LMV Tata Sumo ML-05/B-1822"
CE (B&BBO) 27/07/2019 PDF icon Download (178.02 KB)
24 NEID-I/Store-5/2017/1251-62
Auction "disposal of old LMV Ambassador Nova AS-11/3199"
CE (B&BBO) 27/07/2019 PDF icon Download (179.75 KB)
25 NEID-I/Store-5/2017/1287-98
Auction "disposal of old LMV Tata Sumo Turbo AR 01B/1840"
CE (B&BBO) 27/07/2019 PDF icon Download (181 KB)


What's New in CWC

The total water available in live storage of 100 reservoirs in the country being monitored by CWC was 54.258 BCM as on 01.08.2019.This is 33% of the total live storage capacity of these reservoirs and 80% of storage of average of last ten years : ..Read More


Revised Draft Concept Note on "Premissible Velocity in Concrete Lined Water Condutor System (Head Race Tunnel) Conveying Water for Power Generation ( Comments may be sent latest by 15th July 2019) : Click here ..Read More


5th meeting of Program Implementation Review Committee(PIRC) for CADWM, Mount Abu, 30 May 2019- chaired by Member (WP&P), CWC. Commissioner (CAD) MoWR, RD & GR, 12 Regional offices of CWC and 17 States and others participated in it.


3rd Meeting of Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA) was held on 28 May 2019 under the Chairmanship of Sh. S.Masood Husain, Chairman, CWMA & CWC at CWC-HQ, New Delhi.


User Manual For Uploading Publication/Flood Forecast on CWC website.Click here.