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Welcome To Project Monitoring Organisation

Chief Engineer (PMO) is responsible for monitoringprojects at central level under the aegis of three tiermonitoring system' recommended by the StateIrrigation Ministers in the conferences of 1975 & 1976.

PMO monitors inter-state/externally assisted/centrallysponsored projects with the objective of their timelycompletion, preparation of state-wise annual report onirrigation development through major and mediumprojects. The PMO along with field monitoring units ofCWCmonitors projects receiving central loan assistance((LA) under normal and fast track AcceleratedIrrigationBenefit Programme (AIBP)launched by MoWR in 1996-97. The PMO is responsible for capacity building effortsfor implementation of PMKSY-AIBP-CADWM& otherschemes of DoWR, RD&GR.