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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Orders and Circulars ( Please refer to old website for latest circulars for next 2-3 months)

Sr Reference Number Title Department Issue Date View Download
126 01/01/Dir(Mon)/2016/71-84 Corrigendum in r/o Shri Mayank Suhirid, DD SM DTE (and Others) 25/03/19 download
127 A-19011/5(51)/2018-Estt.II/732 Violation of CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964 for seeking grant of EOL. US.(E- II) 22/03/19 download
128 17/01/Probation/Adm-4/2010/509-15 Probation Clearance in respect of Sh Subodh Kumar, MTS SM DTE (and Others) 22/03/19 download
129 NO. A-19011/03(04)/2019-EI/244-49 OFFICE ORDER- REGARDING ISSUING OF N.O.C. OF SHRI ADITYA SHARMA CE, CWC US.(E-I ) 22/03/19 download
131 1/6/2019-RMCD/185-98 Posting order of Shri Mohan Kumar P.S.,Dy Director,CWC Member (R M) 22/03/19 download
132 E-11011/27/2016-Hindi/818 Hindi Language Inspection of CWC (HQ) by the Team of ministry of water resources river development and ganga rejuvenation HINDI SECTION 22/03/19 download
133 No.16/6/2018-Trg./1678-1806 Dated 20/03/2019 A lecture "Under CPR-CWC Dialogue Forum" on 26th March, 2019 at 15:30 hrs. in CWC Auditorium, Library Building, New Delhi-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/03/19 download
134 No. A-19011/5(4)/2015-Estt.II/720-730 No Dues Certificate in respect of Sh. Kuldeep Kumar Singh, Dy. Director US.(E- II) 20/03/19 download
135 2/1/2018-APAR/160-163 Uploading of 73 APARs/NRCs for the period 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018 of 58 Junior Engineers (Civil & Mechanical) of CWC cadre -reg S.O (APAR) 20/03/19 download
136 No. A-19011/5(4)/2014-Estt.II/706-718 No dues certificate in respect of Sh. Gaurav Sharma, Dy. Director US.(E- II) 20/03/19 download
137 No. 5/21/2019-Trg./1568-1677 Dated 20/03/2019 List of officers for their participation in "World Water Day-2019" at CWC, New Library Building, New Delhi on 22nd March, 2019(Time 1430 hrs. on wards)-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/03/19 download
138 No.5/20/2019-Trg./1458-1567 Dated 20/03/2019 List of approved officers for their participation in "Water Talk" at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi on 22nd March, 2019 (Time 10.30 am on wards)reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/03/19 download
139 A-22017/2/2019-WPP Coord/I/4058/2019 Relieving Of Shri Vineet Gupta, Director. Member (W P & P) 20/03/19 download
140 F.No.11012/9/2018-Hindi/817 Hindi Annual Programme, (2019-20) For transacting the official work of the Union SM DTE (and Others) 20/03/19 download
141 No.8/2/2018.E.III/35 Promotion office order of Sh.Gourish Bhattacharjee, AD/AEE. U.S.(E-III ) 20/03/19 download
142 18/8/2014/Estt-IX/736 Providing NIC e-mail ID reg. US (E-IX ) 19/03/19 download
143 No. A-22012(11)/1/2018-Estt.II/670-681 Office order regarding relieving of Ms. Jyotika Pegu, Dy. Director US.(E- II) 19/03/19 download
144 No.1/87/2018.E.III/327-31. Pay fixation of Sh.K.Wilson Sala Kumar,AD/AEE. U.S.(E-III ) 19/03/19 download
145 No. 6/7/2016-CM&V/263 Disclosure of APAR (s) of Assistant Director-II for the years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19. US (CM&V) 18/03/19 download
146 No. 6/7/2016-CM&V/262 Disclosure of APAR (s) of Assistant Directors for the year 2017-18. US (CM&V) 18/03/19 download
147 No. 6/7/2016-CM&V/261 Disclosure of APAR(s) of Head Draftsman for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19. US (CM&V) 18/03/19 download
148 5/72/SBA/393 dated 18.03.2019 Swachhta Pakhwada 2019 Action Plan:-reg PCP DTE 18/03/19 download
149 4/4/2010-Estt-IX/727-34 Sh. Digambar Prasad (Cashier) and Sh. Sunil Kumar transfer in (Hydrology (NE) US (E-IX ) 18/03/19 download
150 F. No. A-49012/5/2019/E.IV/109 Monitoring of Court Cases in LIMBS. US(E.IV) 18/03/19 download


What's New in CWC

The total water available in live storage of 91 reservoirs in the country being monitored by CWC was 55.923 BCM as on 14.03.2019.This is 35% of the total live storage capacity of these reservoirs and 100% of storage of average of last ten years. The overall storage position is more than the ..Read More


A roundtable of states is going to be organised on 6th March 2019 at CWC-HQ New Delhi on Inter State Water Governance.


Minutes of 3rd Meeting of Joint Team of Experts of India and Nepal for Pancheshwar Project at Kathmandu signed on 01.03.2019.


34th Meeting of National Committee on Seismic Design Parameters (NCSDP) held on 26.02.2019 at CWC-HQ, New Delhi. 6 Projects were considered by the committee. Member D&R CWC is the chairman of the committee with 11 other experts as members from various organisations.


Central Water Commission in collaboration with Odisha Water Resources Department and the World Bank successfully organised International Dam Safety Conference - 2019 during 13-14 February 2019 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It was conculded by holding a press conference on 15 Feb 2019 in the presence ..Read More


39th Meeting of the National Committee on Dam Safety (NCDS) under Chairmanship of Chairman, CWC being held at Bhubaneswar on 11 February 2019.


Chairman, Central Water Commission handed over Emergency Action Plan document of Hirakud Dam to Principal Secretary, Odisha Water Resources Department on January 10 , 2019 at Rajiv Bhawan, Bhubaneswar. The EAP has been prepared under DRIP to act as model document for other Dam owners.


Govt of Gujarat has signed MoU on 7th January 2019 with Central Water Commission and CWPRS at Gandhinagar for Implementation of Coastal Management Information System (CMIS) in the State.