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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Orders and Circulars ( Please refer to old website for latest circulars for next 2-3 months)

Sr Reference Number Title Department Name Issue Date View Download
601 A-22013/1/2018-WPP Coord/I/3524/2019 Re-posting of AD-II under WP&P Wing 08/01/19 download
602 No. 5/03/2019-Trg/105 Dated 08/01/2019 MoU signing programme for the Construction of Renuka Multipurpose Project on 11/01/2019 (11.00AM) at National Media Centre, New Delhi-reg. 08/01/19 download
603 No. 22/23/2018-E.III/1050 Information south under Right to Informatoin Act, 2005. 08/01/19 download
604 No.1/85/2018-E.III/21-23 Pay Fixation of Sh.P.Shiva Prasad, AEE(Adhoc). 08/01/19 download
605 No. 1/86/2018-E.III/18-20. Pay Fixation of Shri. K.Bhaskar Rao, AEE. 08/01/19 download
606 No.5/3/2019-Trg./81-104 Dated 08/01/2019 List of approved officers for duty for arrangement of MoU signing programme for the Construction of Renuka Multipurpose Project on 11/01/2019 at National Media Centre, New Delhi-reg. 08/01/19 download
607 No. A-19011/5(13)/2018-Estt.II/27 No dues certificate in respect of Sh. Alok Kumar Bajpai, Dy. Director 08/01/19 download
608 A-43011/7/2011-Estt XII/ 43-108 Pension cases of Seasonal Khalasis now SWA with temporary status granted under CWC's scheme of 1997 and regularized on or after 01.01.2004 -reg 07/01/19 download
609 A-12034/1/2019-E.VIII/11 Order in r/o government servant posted in CWC(HQ)-reg 07/01/19 download
610 A-12034/1/2019-E.VIII/12 Order in respect of M.T.S., BOOK BINDER & B.C.G.O.reg 07/01/19 download
611 C-30019/1/2018-E.VI/6 Submission of Annual Immovable Property Returns for the year 2018 in r/o Junior Engineers 07/01/19 download
612 1/7/2018-RMCD/84 Further posting of Assistant Director-II in the Directorates of RM Wing CWC(HQ) 07/01/19 download
613 No.3/26/2018-Trg../71-74 Dated 04/01/2019 Permission for delivering lecture in the Training Programme "e-office, e-HRMS, Bhavisya, PFMS, Financial Management at Lucknow during 8-9 January, 2019-reg. 04/01/19 download
614 10/2/2017-Estt-IX/64-67 Leave Order of PS reg. 04/01/19 download
615 10/5/2015-Estt-9/52-53 Leave Order of JSAs-reg 04/01/19 download
616 No. 5/1032018-Trg/37 Dated: 04/1/219 Workshop on "Morphological Study of krishna and tungabhadra Basins Using Remote Sensing Technique" at Hotel DV Manor, Vijaywada (Andhra Pradesh) during 18th-19th January, 2019. 04/01/19 download
617 No. 5/32/2018-Trg./26-36 Dated: 04.01.2019 Training on "River Basin Modelling" at Jaipur during 7th-11th January, 2019. 04/01/19 download
618 No. 4/25/2018-Trg/06-25 Dated:04.01.2019 "9th International Micro Irrigation conference (9IMIC)", at Aurangabad, Maharastra during 16th-18th January, 2019-reg. 04/01/19 download
619 No.2/2/2015-APAR/08-10 Uploading of 12 APARs of 2017-18 of Hydromet Cadres, SRA, Sr Draftsman, SCD & Communication & Publication cadre 04/01/19 download
620 No-10/1/2018-E-I/33-41 Additional Charge Of Member (RM) to Sh. N.K.Mathur Member(D&R) 04/01/19 download
621 10/1/2019-Estt.I/23-21 Additional Charge of Secretary, CWC. 03/01/19 download
622 2/1/2018-E.V/56-68 Joining order in r/o newly promoted AD-II/ SDE. 03/01/19 download
623 2/1/2018-Estt.V/45-53 Re-posting order in r/o newly promoted AD-II/ SDE. 03/01/19 download
624 NO.20011/14/2018-Estt-9/3490/2019 Relieving order in r/o Shri J.Venkata Krishnan, ASO. 03/01/19 download
625 G-20011/1/2018-Budget Section/I/3489/2019(1-3) Additional Budget Estimate for the FY - 2018-2019 related to FMBAP - regarding 03/01/19 download


What's New in CWC

A Brainstorming Session with Former Chairmen / Members of CWC was held on 11.5.2019 at New Delhi to discuss various aspects related to role and activities of CWC and to seek their advice for improvement of the same.

new item

Draft Concept Note on "Premissible Velocity in Concrete Lined Water Condutor System (Head Race Tunnel) Conveying Water for Power Generation.(Uploaded in Circular section for comments within three weeks)


The total water available in live storage of 91 reservoirs in the country being monitored by CWC was 44.459 BCM as on 18.04.2019.This is 27% of the total live storage capacity of these reservoirs and 103% of storage of average of last ten years. The overall storage position is more than the ..Read More


Govt of Gujarat has signed MoU on 7th January 2019 with Central Water Commission and CWPRS at Gandhinagar for Implementation of Coastal Management Information System (CMIS) in the State.


Chairman, Central Water Commission handed over Emergency Action Plan document of Hirakud Dam to Principal Secretary, Odisha Water Resources Department on January 10 , 2019 at Rajiv Bhawan, Bhubaneswar. The EAP has been prepared under DRIP to act as model document for other Dam owners.