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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Orders and Circulars ( Please refer to old website for latest circulars for next 2-3 months)

Sr Reference Number Title Department Name Issue Date View Download
26 E-11011/1/2017-Hindi/936 Review of half yearly Hindi Progress Report by NARAKAS regnew item HINDI SECTION 14/06/19 download
27 File No.J-11015(24)/1/2019-e-GOV CELL Implementation of APAR in SPARROW Portal w.r.t. Junior Engineer (C&M) & AD-II/ SDEs of CWCnew item SM DTE (and Others) 14/06/19 download
28 1/9/2017/FE&SA/308-315 Nomination for the Training Programme on site specific evaluation of seismic design parameters for River Valley Projects new item SM DTE (and Others) 14/06/19 download
29 DSO/14/06/2019 Questionnaire Regarding Short-term Training Course on “Dynamic Analysis Procedures for Dams” to be conducted under DRIP by Central Water Commissionnew item SM DTE (and Others) 14/06/19 download
30 8/9/RDC-1/2019/1304-23 Nomination for the training on creation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from 9th - 12th July, 2019 at National Geospatial Data Centre, Survey of India, Dehradun under NHP - item RD DTE 13/06/19 download
31 E-11011/12/2018-Hindi/935 Office order reg Classes of Hindi Prabodh, Praveen, Pragya and Parangat for year 2019new item HINDI SECTION 13/06/19 download, download
32 5/51/2019-Trg/4001-26 Training Programme on Morphological Study of Mahananda, Mahanadi and Hooghly River using Remote Sensing Technique on 19th June , 2019 new item DIRECTOR (TRG.) 13/06/19 download
33 5/32/2018-Trg/.Vol.-II/4027-43 Training Programme on Remote Sensing and GIS during 24th -28th June 2019 new item DIRECTOR (TRG.) 13/06/19 download
34 A-22014/3/2018-ESTT-9/5295/2019 Transfer /Posting of ASOs in CWC-regnew item US (E-IX ) 13/06/19 download
35 No. 5/7/2019-E-I/956 Filling up the post of Member (Environment and Rehabilitation) in Narmada Control Authority (NCA), Indore on deputation basis (including short-term contract ) - item US.(E-I ) 13/06/19 download
36 102/06/Misc./2019/1492-94 Consolation Rajbhasha Shield Prize 2017-18 to P&I Division, Faridabad new item SM DTE (and Others) 13/06/19
37 A-22014/3/2018-E-IX Transfer/Posting in the Grade of item US (E-IX ) 13/06/19 download
38 A.035021/11/2018-E.I Vacancy circular for the post of Deputy Director (Hydrometeorology) in Central Water Commissionnew item SM DTE (and Others) 13/06/19 download
39 1/2/2019/PH&CD/294-301 Additional Charge of B.O,PH&CD Dte.Sh.Veeresh ,DDnew item SM DTE (and Others) 13/06/19 download
40 No. 1/41/2018-E.III/ 689-700 Shri R.B.R. Verma, A.D (Adhoc), will retire from Government service on 30th June, 2019 (AN). U.S.(E-III ) 12/06/19 download
41 No.1/48/2018-E.III/675-85. Shri Raj Nath Singh, A.D (Adhoc), will retire from Government service on 30th June, 2019 (AN). U.S.(E-III ) 12/06/19 download
42 3/1/2018-Estt.XI/ Office Order for promotion and transfer order in respect of Hydromet Cadre,CWC U.S.(E.XI) 12/06/19 download
43 A-19011/4/4/2016-E-I/916-47 Promotion / Posting Order of Shri Abhishek Sinha as Director Regarding US.(E-I ) 12/06/19 download
44 14/18/2018-Estt.XI/749-752 No Objection Certificate to Sh.Manoj Kumar Mourya,Senior Research Assistant, Scientific Cadre US (E-IX ) 11/06/19 download
45 No. 5/6/2019-E-I/911 Seletion for the post of Chairman & Managing Director, NHPC Limited in the Schedule " A" of CPSE on immediate absorption basis. US.(E-I ) 11/06/19 download
46 No. A-12019/1/2015-Estt.II/161-163 Leave order in respect of STS officers of CWC US.(E- II) 11/06/19 download
47 11/1/2019-Estt-9/1402-18 Transfer/Posting in the grade of Under Secretary in CWC(HQ)-reg. US (E-IX ) 11/06/19 download
48 No 5/49/2019-Trg/2427-2480 Nomination of officers for the programme World Environmental Day 2019 to be held at Engineers Bhawan, New Delhi on 11th June 2019 SM DTE (and Others) 11/06/19 download
49 G-32011/1/2019-Budget Section/I/5272/2019 Modifications in BE-2019-2020 (Vote on Account) in DWRIS dated 11-6-2019 S.O.(BUDGET) 11/06/19 download
50 E-25013/2/2017-Hindi/923 Rajbhasa Shield Yojana 2018-19 for HQ and Regional Offices of CWC HINDI SECTION 11/06/19 download


What's New in CWC

Draft Concept Note on "Premissible Velocity in Concrete Lined Water Condutor System (Head Race Tunnel) Conveying Water for Power Generation ( Comments may be sent latest by 10th June 2019) : Click ..Read More


3rd Meeting of Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA) was held on 28 May 2019 under the Chairmanship of Sh. S.Masood Husain, Chairman, CWMA & CWC at CWC-HQ, New Delhi.


The total water available in live storage of 91 reservoirs in the country being monitored by CWC was 30.461 BCM as on 06.06.2019.This is 19% of the total live storage capacity of these reservoirs and 103% of storage of average of last ten years : ..Read More


5th meeting of Program Implementation Review Committee(PIRC) for CADWM, Mount Abu, 30 May 2019- chaired by Member (WP&P), CWC. Commissioner (CAD) MoWR, RD & GR, 12 Regional offices of CWC and 17 States and others participated in it.


User Manual For Uploading Publication/Flood Forecast on CWC website.Click here.