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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Orders and Circulars ( Please refer to old website for latest circulars for next 2-3 months)

Sr Reference Number Title Department Name Issue Date View Download
1 10/4/2014-Estt-9/1430-31 Leave Order of Section Officers in CWC-regnew item US (E-IX ) 19/06/19 download
2 26/3/2015-HCD(NW&S)/335 Transfer order in r/o shri Ashwini Kumar Verma DDnew item C.E (Designs NW&S) 19/06/19 download
3 E-11014/03/2019-Hindi/944 Circular reg Rajbhasha Kirti Puraskar Scheme for year 2018-19new item HINDI SECTION 19/06/19 download, download
4 smd/19/06/2019 Procedure for Back-up of Completed CWC Tenders at ETS Portal of TCILnew item SM DTE (and Others) 19/06/19 download
5 No. D-14016/Misc./2019-PCP/666 dated 18.06.2019 Celebration of International Day of Yoga on 21st June, 2019 at CWC (HQ).new item PCP DTE 18/06/19 download
6 27/Misc./2019-SDO(HQ)/663 Special drive to make all the Government Buildings and premises Rain Water Harvesting compliant. new item PCP DTE 18/06/19 download
7 No. 10/2/2014-E-I/974-91 Officer Order Link Officers in HRM Wing, item US.(E-I ) 18/06/19 download
8 A-19012/254/2012-Estt V/1111-1116 Pay Fixation order in r/o Smt P Vijayalakshmi, AD-IInew item U.S.( E-V) 18/06/19 download
9 A-19012/254/2012-Estt V/1096-1110 Annual Increment order in r/o Smt P Vijaylakshmi, AD-IInew item U.S.( E-V) 18/06/19 download
10 A-19011/5(5)/2008-Estt.II/1103-1115 Relinquishment the charge of the post of DD in respect of Shri Abhishek Sinha. new item US.(E- II) 18/06/19 download
11 A-22012/2/2017-WPP COord/I/5366?2019 Transfer of AD in WP&P Wingnew item Member (W P & P) 18/06/19 download
12 K-12012/2/2018-WPC/1407-1428 dated 18.06.2019 Minutes of First meeting of Committee for reviewing existing jurisdiction & function of field units/ organisation of CWCnew item DD(WPC) 18/06/19 download
13 No. 6/1/2016-E.III/1519-65 Leave Office Order of item U.S.(E-III ) 18/06/19 download
14 A-19011/5(8)/2017-Estt.II/1092-1102 Retirement Order of Shri Shiv Kumar Shakya, DD, item US.(E- II) 17/06/19 download
15 No/9/2/2019/ Misc (Farewell)/WPC/104-64 dt.17.06.2019 Farewell to Sh.Syed Masood Husain, Chairman, CWC & Sh.Naresh Kumar Mathur, Member (D&R), CWC on 30th Jun'19new item DD(WPC) 17/06/19 download
16 A-19011/5(12)/2017-Estt.II/1081-1091 Retirement Order of Shri Sukhdev Singh, DD, PH&C Design(SE&W) item US.(E- II) 17/06/19 download
17 D.12015/M.B. Status (Hqrs)/2019/Estt-XIV Status of Medical Bill of CWC (Hqrs) and Field officesnew item SM DTE (and Others) 17/06/19 download
18 5/100/2016-Trg/2482-2581 dated 14.06.2019 International Yoga Day on 21.06.2019 at CWC Auditorium ,New Library Building ,R.K Puram,New Delhi-regnew item DIRECTOR (TRG.) 17/06/19 download
19 No.5/50/2019-Trg/4045-54 Dated 14/06/2019 Training programmes on (i) Geotechnical and Seissmic Considerations in Dams (ii) Seissmic Safety of Earth and Rock-fill Dams at IIT Roorkee during 17-18 June and 19-21 June, item DIRECTOR (TRG.) 14/06/19 download
20 A-22016/2/2019-E-8/187 Posting Order in r/o Smt Meena Kumari, MTSnew item SM DTE (and Others) 14/06/19 download
21 No.22 /3/ 2019-Estt-X /123 Office Order in r/o Head D'Man working in CWC are granted on leavenew item SM DTE (and Others) 14/06/19 download
22 No. C-3001 9/1/201 8-Estl.VI/92 RTI Applications dated 29.05.2019 and 30.05.2019 received under RTI Act, item SM DTE (and Others) 14/06/19 download
23 NO.18/4/2019-Estt-9/1454 Details of Reporting Reviewing officers for the period 2018-19 item US (E-IX ) 14/06/19 download
24 A-22012(11)/1/2018/Estt.II/1060-1079 Transfer Order in respect of Shri Dharmendra Singh, DD, NWP & PR item US.(E- II) 14/06/19 download
25 No.A-22012(11)/1/2018-Estt.II/1034-1059 Providing assistance to Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA), New Delhi by Shri Ashok Kumar V., DD, Mon(C), CWC, New item US.(E- II) 14/06/19 download


What's New in CWC

Draft Concept Note on "Premissible Velocity in Concrete Lined Water Condutor System (Head Race Tunnel) Conveying Water for Power Generation ( Comments may be sent latest by 10th June 2019) : Click ..Read More


The total water available in live storage of 91 reservoirs in the country being monitored by CWC was 30.461 BCM as on 06.06.2019.This is 19% of the total live storage capacity of these reservoirs and 103% of storage of average of last ten years : ..Read More


5th meeting of Program Implementation Review Committee(PIRC) for CADWM, Mount Abu, 30 May 2019- chaired by Member (WP&P), CWC. Commissioner (CAD) MoWR, RD & GR, 12 Regional offices of CWC and 17 States and others participated in it.


3rd Meeting of Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA) was held on 28 May 2019 under the Chairmanship of Sh. S.Masood Husain, Chairman, CWMA & CWC at CWC-HQ, New Delhi.


User Manual For Uploading Publication/Flood Forecast on CWC website.Click here.