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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Welcome To Monitoring (South) Organization, Bangalore

Monitoring (South) Organisation was setup in April 1995 as one of the Regional Offices of Central Water Commission with headquarter at Bangalore. The organisation is headed by a Chief Engineer, who is assisted by three Director level officers – Director (Monitoring), Director (Appraisal) and Superintending Engineer (Hydrological Observation &Coordination Circle) – with their sub-ordinate formations. The Organisation deals with Hydrological Observations, Flood Forecasting, Water Quality Monitoring, Appraisal and Monitoring of Major/Medium projects.

The Hydrological Observations, Flood Forecasting and Water Quality Monitoring activitiesare carried out in the river basins of Cauvery (in Karnataka and Kerala), Krishna (Malaprabha, Ghatprabha and Tungabhadra sub-basins) and West flowing rivers (spread across parts of Maharashtra and Goa).

Monitoring of implementation of Major/Medium irrigation and multipurpose projects is carried out under General, Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Program(AIBP), Command Area Development and Water Management(CADWM), Inter-state and National projects categories in Karnataka and Goa.

It is also entrusted with the Appraisal of Medium projects and Appraisal and Monitoring of projects/schemes under Surface Minor Irrigation(SMI), Repair, Renovation and Restoration of Water Bodies(RRR) and Flood Management Projects(FMP) in Karnataka and Goa.