As per the Ministry of Water Resource’s office order nos. 31/12/2002-R&D/5697-5699 dated 05/09/2008 and 31/12/2002-R&D/855-56 dated 23/04/2009, the INCID has been reconstituted. The latest composition of INCID is given below:


    1) Chairman, CWC                                                                                       Chairman

    2) Member (WP&P), CWC                                                                          Member

    3) Chief Engineer (IMO), CWC                                                                   Member

    4) Member (SML), CGWB                                                                           Member

    5) Sh. C. M. Pandey,                                                                                    Member

        Additional Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture.

        (Representative of Ministry of Agriculture)                                

    6) Dr. N. Y. Apte,                                                                                           Member

        DDGM (H), IMD, New Delhi

        (Representative of Indian Meteorological Department)                                   

    7) Sh. R. K. Nigam,                                                                                       Member

        Chief Engineer (Quality Control & Vigilance),

        Water Resources Department, Rajasthan

        (Representative of Department of Water Resources,

        Government of Rajasthan)                                              

    8) Superintending Engineer (Irrigation),                                                     Member

        Shillong Circle, Agriculture Dept.,                                                                                             

        Govt. of Meghalaya

        (Representative of Department of Agriculture,

        Government of Meghalaya)

    9) Sh. J. C. Chaudhari,                                                                               Member

        Director & Chief Engineer,

        WALMI, Anand, Gujarat

        (Representative of WALMI, Anand, Gujarat)                                                                 


    10) Dr. K. Tirupataiah IFS,                                                                           Member

           Director General,

           WALAMTARI Hyderabad

          (Representative of WALAMTARI, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)                

    11) Prof. Nayan Sharma,                                                                             Member

          Prof. and Head,

          Dept. of Water Resources Development and Management,

        IIT, Roorkee

                   (Representative of Indian Water Resource Society, Roorkee)                        

    12) Prof. (Retd.) Subhash Chander,                                                            Member

          IIT, Delhi

    13) Prof. M. K. Majumdar,                                                                            Member

        Vice Chancellor (Retd.),

        Uttar Banga krishi Vishwavidyalaya,

        Cooch Bihar, (West Bengal).

    14)  Director (R&D),                                                                                                 Member

           MoWR, New Delhi,                                                                                           

    15)  Director (Remote Sensing),                                                                  Member-Secretary

         CWC, New Delhi


    Members from serial no 6 to 13 are rotational members of INCID and will hold the post for a term of three years i.e. till December 2012.