Forms & Proformas



  1. GPF Nomination
  2. GPF Advance
  3. GPF Advance for the purchase of a Motor Car/Motor Boat/Motor Cycle/Scooter(Form G.F.R. 27)
  4. Mortgage Bond for Personal Computer - Initial Advance
  5. Agreement for the purchase of a Motor Vehicle/PersonalComputer
  6. Conversion of an GPF Advance to Final Withdrawal
  7. GPF Withdrawal
  8. Final Payment from GPF
  9. Final Payment/ transfer to bodies corporate/other Government of balance in the GPF Account


  11. CWES (Group-A)
  12. CWES (Group-B)
  13. Extra Assistant Director(Hydromet)
  14. Research Officer.
  15. Assistant Research Officer
  16. Non Gazetted Posts.

  18. Family Details
  19. Change of Declared Home Town
  20. Nomination of Benefits under Gratuity CGEGIS-1980
  21. Nomination for Retirement Gratuity/Death Gratuity
  22. Prior intimation or seeking previous sanction under 18(2) in respect of Immovable Property
  23. Prior intimation or seeking previous sanction under 18(3) for transaction of Immovable Property
  24. Annual Immovable Property Return Form
  25. Choice of Station/Region for Transfer
  26. Vigilance Clearance.
  27. No Objection Certificate for Going Abroad.
  28. Specimen signature Attestation.
  29. Form of Surety Bond
  30. Personnel Monitoring System
  31. Medical Claims of CGHS Beneficiaries.
  32. Medical Claims of AMA (Non-CGHS) Beneficiaries.
  33. G.F.R. 33
  34. No Demand Certificate.
  35. No Demand Certificate (Directorate of Estates).
  36. Application for Leave/Extension of Leave
  37. Conveyance Allowance
  38. Overtime Allowance
  39. Leave Salary Advance
  40. Travelling Allowance Bill for Tour
  41. Leave Travel Concession Bill.
  42. Application for the grant of death gratuity
  43. Grant of Family' pension,1964,on the death of a Government servant/pensioner
  44. Commutation of a Fraction of Superannuation Pension without Medical Examination When Applicant desires that the Payment of the Commuted Value of Pension should be Authorised through the Pension Payment order
  45. No Demand Certificate (* New Format)


  47. Performa for Foreign Training
  48. Details of Foreign Travels
  49. Curriculum Vitae Proforma
  50. Indent for Computer Consumables.
  51. Format for IT account application(APAR, Biodata, Circularportal, NICmailid etc)
  52. Monthly Indent For Tech./Office Stationery.
  53. Supplementary Indent For Tech./Office Stationery.
  54. Application form for officials ( Temporary Pass )
  55. Application form for officials ( Permanent Pass )
  57. Important Office Orders
  58. Assessment Report Form for Probation Clearance of AD/AEE (Direct Recruit and Promotee).
  59. Employee Codes of CWC officials.
  60. Employee Codes of CWC officials( Latest as on 24th March 2017).
  61. Vehicle for official use: Request Form
  62. List of NIC Email Accounts for CWES Officers
  63. List of NIC Email Accounts for non-CWES Officers
  64. Air India Ticket Requisition New Format

    IN HINDI -

    1.  Application for Cycle Advance. 
    3. Details of Family
    4. Festival Advance
    5. Statement to be received from the employee eight months before his retirement by the head of the office.
    6. FORM G.F.R. 33
    7. GPF Advance Form.
    8. Final GPF Advance Form.
    10. Leave Travel Advance.
    11. Application for Motor Car / Motor Cycle / Scooter / Personal Computer Advance.
    12. NO Due Certificate (To be submitted to the Directorate of Estate two years before retirement )
    13. Last Pay Certificate.
    14. Application for Table Fan Advance. 
    15. Leave Travel Concession Bill.
    16. Monthly Indent For Tech./Office Stationery.
    17. Supplementary Indent For Tech./Office Stationery.
    18. Application for Travelling Allowance Advance
    19. Timahi Report of Rajbhasha
    20. Download Hindi Fonts setup
    21. Procedure to install Hindi Font