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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)


The main function of CWC is to provide basic input of hydrology for rational planning of water resources projects, review design flood studies for various projects, technical appraisal of hydrological aspects or river valley projects, consultancy of project hydrology connected with the planning, design and operation of water resources projects and vetting of hydrological chapters, provide guidance/assistance to different agencies and State government. Prepare manuals/standards for hydrological analysis. CWC is entrusted with the work of    technical appraisal of hydrological aspect like water availability, design flood, sedimentation, diversion flood of water resources projects in the country. Provide assistance to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in preparation of Codes etc. To coordinate and assist in design flood review studies for rehabilitation of dams related to spillway design and providing assistance to state Irrigation Department in examining/scrutiny/review of studies on hydrological aspects. Matter related to hydrological studies of projects under DRIP, consultancy/special studies, up-dation of reports of estimation reports, interdepartmental issues regarding FEPCC are being dealt in CWC. 

This organization is responsible for planning of Flood management, Flood Control, anti erosion works, river training works, promotion of latest state of the art techniques in the field of river training works etc. It is responsible for compilation and updation of hydrological data pertaining to discharge sedimentation and water quality data in respect of non-classified basins only and dissemination thereof. 

The following publications related to hydrological data are brought out by CWC.

  • Integrated Hydrological Data Book
  • Financial Aspects of Irrigation Projects in India
  • Financial Aspects of Flood Control & Anti Sea Erosion and Drainage
  • Pricing of water in Public System in India

The organization would keep a watch on latest development/identification of stress areas in the field of hydrology and identify areas of research in the sphere of activities like adoption of appropriate flood frequency methods in India in line with Bulletin 13 “Methods of Flow frequency Analysis” used in USA.

Sr. No Document
1 Regional Flood Estimation Report
2 PMP Atlas
3 Manuals/ Guidelines