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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Hydro-Mechanical Design of WR Projects

Central Water Commission has been providing preliminary   and detailed   design   consultancy   services   in   respect   of hydro-mechanical equipments to various water resources projects   of   the   country.     Besides design Consultancy of new projects, Consultancy services are also being rendered to the various special problems of existing projects referred to CWC by State governments. Technical  appraisal   of   projects   in  respect  of  future projects  is also  being  carried  out  and  comments  are being offered  for improvements to be made in detailed project   reports.    Other   works include preparation   of manuals & pamphlets, as assistance to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in preparation of Codes etc. As regards BIS Works. Director, Gates Design (NW&S) Directorate is entrusted to the works relating to formulation/ review / amendments of Indian standards under CED-7 & WRD- 12 as assigned by BIS.