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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Flood Estimation Reports

Sl. No. Name of Publication View Downloads
1 Betwa subzone 1(c) Download
2 Chambal subzone 1(b) Download
3 East Coast subzone 4(a), (b) & (c) Download
4 Indravati subzone 3(g) Download
5 Kaveri Basin subzone 3(i) Download
6 Krishna & Pennar subzone 3(h) Download
7 Lower Ganga Plains subzone 1(g) Download
8 Lower Godavari subzone 3(f) Download
9 Lower Narmada & Tapi subzone 3(b) Download
10 Luni subzone 1(a) Download
11 Mahanadi subzone 3 (d) Download
12 Mahi & Sabermati subzone 3(a) Download
13 Middle Ganga Plains subzone 1(f) Download
14 North Brahmaputra subzone 2 (a) Download
15 Sone subzone 1(d) Download
16 South Brahmaputra subzone 2 (b) Download
17 Upper Godavari subzone 3(e) Download
18 Upper Indo-Ganga Plains subzone 1(e) Download
19 Upper Narmada & Tapi subzone 3(c) Download
20 West Coast Region subzone 5(a) & (b) Download
21 Western Himalayas zone 7 Download