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DRIP - Dam Rehabilitation & Improvement Project

The Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), Government of India, with assistance from the World Bank, is in the process of taking up the Dam Rehabilitation And Improvement Project (DRIP), which would be a six-year project starting around January 1, 2011. The project would be implemented in 4 States, namely Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu. About 223 large dams in the four participating states with substantial need for rehabilitation and improvements would be included in the project. Development of appropriate institutional mechanisms for the safe operation and maintenance of all large dams would also be taken up in these states. In addition, strengthening of the institutional set up for national level dam safety surveillance and guidance would be taken up in Central Water Commission (CWC) under Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR). The project implementation agencies for DRIP would be the owners of dam (i.e. Water Resources Departments (WRD) or State Electricity Boards (SEB)) in the five participating States. The overall implementation of the project would be coordinated by Central Water Commission. The project development objectives of DRIP are: (i) to improve the safety and performance of selected existing dams and associated appurtenances in a sustainable manner, and (ii) to strengthen the dam safety institutional set-up in participating states as well as at central level.

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