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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Design And Research Wing

This wing is responsible for, providing guidance in the planning, preparation of lay-out studies, specifications, detailed designs and drawings and standardization of designs of river valley projects in the country including hydrological studies for the projects, advising state Governments/Dam owning agencies on safety aspects of dams, taking policy decisions on design and research activities, conducting site inspection at all critical stages of construction of projects for which CWC provides design consultancy for advising the adequacy of foundation conditions and foundation treatment, adherence to design specifications etc. and providing advices on landslide/dam break disaster management issues.

The Wing is headed by an engineering officer designated as Member (D&R) with the ex-officio status of Additional Secretary to Government of India. The wing comprises of organizations headed by Chief Engineer and consisting of various Directorates each headed by Directors. See organization chart below

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Key to abbreviations : Description
NW&S North-West & South
NBP Narmada Basin Projects
BCD Barrage Canal Design
SSPH&C Sardar Sarovar Power House & Canal
N&W North & West
HCD Hydel Civil Design
DSR Dam Safety Rehabilitation
NHMD Narmada Hydro Mechanical Design
E&NE East and North-East
CMDD Concrete & Masonry Dams Design
DSM Dam Safety Monitoring
ND&HW Narmada Dam & Head Works
FE&SA Foundation Engineering & Special Analysis