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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Welcome To Cauvery and Southern Rivers Organization, Coimbatore

Cauvery & Southern Rivers Organisation (C&SRO) was set up with headquarters at Coimbatore in April, 1992. The then existing Cauvery & Southern Rivers Circle, Bangalore along with three Divisions and nine Sub-Divisions and 71 hydrological observation stations, which was under the control of Chief Engineer (SR), Hyderabad were brought under the administrative control of the Cauvery & Southern Rivers Organisation, Coimbatore. 
Under the 3rd Cadre Review and Regionalization of CWC, two Directorates, namely, Beach Erosion Directorate at Cochin and Monitoring Directorate at Coimbatore were opened in 1995 under the administrative control of C&SRO.  A new Division, namely Hydrology Division was also opened in Chennai in the year 1997 under Hydrology Project.