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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Capacity Building

There is a huge need to build Human Resources for the Water Resources Sectors in India. A well-trained and motivated manpower is the backbone of any developmental activity. In a hugely diversified field like the water sector also, there is pressing need for sustained human resource development through multi-level training of personnel involved in the sector to undertake the challenging tasks ahead.

With the thrust towards people’s participation in all stages of management of water, training and capacity building is a valuable investment to enhance human potential with an emphasis on attitudinal and behavioral change. For the stakeholders, training presents an opportunity to be proficient by understanding a relevant portfolio of issues, changing environment, policies, projected mandates and appropriate technologies, good practices and resource management techniques, principles of change, compatible ethics and value systems and conceptual framework, related strategies, using a variety of training devices and delivery methods. In the context of water resources sector, training in the form of capacity building is indispensable.

Central water commission is playing a vital role in capacity building activities through National Water Academy, Pune and Training Directorate at CWC, New Delhi

Training Directorate
Training Directorate of Central Water Commission arranges and co-ordinates activities related  to  capacity building /training  programmes/  seminars/workshops  in field of water Resources Sector for in-service offices of CWC and other Central/State  Govt. Departments  and their Organisations as well as  Development  of training    facilities    and infrastructure   in    all    field organisations of CWC.    Training Directorate   also arranges Apprenticeship Training for fresh     engineering graduates/diploma holders/vocational certificate holders in collaboration with Board of Apprenticeship Training, Kanpur. This directorate also coordinate with all coordination   directorates of CWC to push forward the capacity building of Human resources in CWC at all levels.  It also coordinate with NWA for routine meetings of Program Advisory Committee/Advisory Committee of NWA; Collects PIs of NWA/feedbacks of trainees, and place it before higher authorities in CWC; to maintain a pool of distinguished guest faculty of diverse areas, and arrange their talks on diverse/burning topics as often as it is possible at both CWC (HQ) and NWA, Pune. It maintains a database of all officers of their training records, and works for their capacity building aligned with CWC training policy.

National Water Academy (NWA), Pune

Department of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India upgraded erstwhile “Central Training Unit” to “National Water Academy” in 2001 (IX Plan) in Central Water Commission at Khadakwasla, Pune. The primary objective of NWA is to function as ‘Centre of Excellence’ in training for in-service engineers from Central and State Organizations on various aspects of Water Resources Planning, Development & Management, and to develop institutional capability at the national level in new emerging technologies in water resources sectors on continued basis. Subsequently the mandate has been expanded in terms of coverage of topics as well as target groups. Program encompassing almost all aspects of Water Resources Development and Management are being organized by NWA, and the programs of NWA are available to all sections of stakeholders of water sector. Since October 2010, the Academy has opened its doors also to Public Sector Undertaking, Private Sector, Foreign Nationals, Media Personnel’s, NGOs, individuals, in fact virtually covering every one. During the last few years NWA has taken a number of initiatives to increase its presence among the concerned target audience and also to add more activities to its portfolio.

The broad activities of NWA are as under:

  • Cadre training programmes for CWES Gr. A & B Officers such as:-
  • Induction Training for newly appointed Assistant Directors/ Assistant Executive Engineers of Central Water Engineering (Group ‘A’) Services.
  • Induction/orientation training to newly appointed / promoted Group ‘B’ engineering officers of CWC.
  • Re-orientation Courses for officers promoted from Group `B’ to Group `A’ of Central Water Engineering Services
  • Core area programmes for enhancing technical capabilities of mid level CWC officers.
  • Programmes on Management Development & soft skills
  • Capacity Building activities for State Government Officers.
  • Specialized courses for Group `A’ and `B’ officers of Central and State agencies.
  • National / Regional Seminars and Workshops on key issues of water resources development / subject areas for the benefit of Senior level officers ( CE’s / E-in-C/Secretary ) of State / Central agencies.
  • Assistance to Central and State Government Organisations and their training institutes on their specific training needs.
  • Develop and maintain linkages with leading institutions in India and abroad dealing with training related activities in water resources sector for sharing the expertise.
  • Developing training modules / case studies on new emerging technology like RS &GIS applications, advance irrigation & flood management techniques.
  • Induction Training of newly appointed Group `B’/Group `A’ officers of state water resources department / Central agencies on their request, where such training facilities are not available.

On an average, NWA conducts more than 32 training program in year and it includes regular training programs at NWA and custom-made training program based on the client’s demand at the client’s location or at NWA. NWA conducts training program on whole gamut of Water Resources Development and Management comprising of both Technical and Non-Technical Area.