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Central Water Commission

(Serving the nation since 1945)

Archives of Orders and Circulars

Sr Reference Number Title Department Issue Date View Download
1 No. A-19011/5(14)/2017-Estt.II/77-90 dated 17/01/2018 Extension of Sh. K. Shanker, DD at PPA, Hyderabad US.(E- II) 17/11/18 download
2 F.NO. 10/1/2018 E-I/-847-60 OFFICE ORDER- ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF SHRI SD SHARMA, SMD CWC(HQ) US.(E-I ) 25/04/18 download
3 5/19/2018-Trg/1339-43 Workshop on Early Warning System and Flood Resilience with Focus on Regional Cooperation and Institutional Coordination on 27April,2018 (09:30AM -05:00 PM)-reg DIRECTOR (TRG.) 25/04/18 download
4 3/1/2017-Estt.X/56 Transfer/ Posting in r/o Head/ Senior Draftsman, CWC. US (E.X) 24/04/18 download
5 16/1/2017/Estt.I/841 Leave Order in r/o SAG Officers, working in different offices of CWC. US.(E-I ) 24/04/18 download
6 1/5/2018/D&RC/805-11 Posting order in r/o Smt. Seema Sharma, Head/ D man, CWC. Member (D & R) 24/04/18 download
7 J-11015(13)/1/2017-WPC/680-97 11th Meeting to review the status of implementation of e- HRMS-reg. DD(WPC) 24/04/18 download
8 A-19011/5(6)/2013-Estt.II/442-444 NOC for interview - S. Khajuria, EE, MGD-III US.(E- II) 24/04/18 download
9 16/1/2017/Estt.I/845-46 Leave Order in r/o JAG officers US.(E-I ) 24/04/18 download
10 No. A-42015/6/2018-Estt.IV/-108 Information regarding appointment made on the basis of fake Certificates regarding.. US(E.IV) 23/04/18 download, download
11 No. 11/3/2017-E.I/805-20 Transfer posting in respect of JAG -reg US.(E-I ) 23/04/18 download
12 A-50/56/2017-dmn MoWR, RD & GR's OM dated 23.04.2018 on vist of inter-Ministerial Central Team to Andhra Pradesh for assessment of situtation in the wake of drought occurred during Rabi 2017-18-reg. US.(E-I ) 23/04/18 download
13 Election Notice of CWC Recreation Club. Election Notice of CWC Recreation Club. US(E.IV) 23/04/18 download
14 No.11/2/2017-E.III/281 Probation Clearance of Assistant Director / Assistant Executive Engineer, Central Water Commission - submission of Assessment Report. U.S.(E-III ) 20/04/18 download
15 No.4/15/2018-Trg./1323-26 Dated 20/04/2018 Asia- Pacific Regional Workshop in New Delhi during 24-27 April, 2018-reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/04/18 download
16 FILE NO. 11/3/2017-E-I(pt.)/786-99 Posting order in respect of Shri G. K. Agarwal, Director, CWC US.(E-I ) 20/04/18 download
17 A-22012/1/2017-Estt.II/397-427 Modified transfer order of Dy. Director/Executive Engineer/Dy. Commissioner US.(E- II) 20/04/18 download
18 No.5/1/2014-APAR/151-159 Weeding out of 26 APAR folders of different Non-Gazetted Cadres of CWC - reg S.O (APAR) 20/04/18 download
19 No.5/1/2014-APAR/160-161 Weeding out of 9 APAR folders of Research Assistants / SRA of CWC Cadre - reg S.O (APAR) 20/04/18 download
20 4/14/2018-Trg/2467-2667 Knowledge Co-Creation Program on "Opertaion and Maintenance of Urban Water Suply System (Water Quality and Purification) (A)" to be held in Japan from 27.06.2018 to 03.08.2018 under Technical Cooperation Program of the Government of japan-reg DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/04/18 download
21 16/8/2018-Trg/2262-2466 National Summit on Water,Waste Water Treatment and Solid Waste Management" at The St. Regis Hotel,Mumbai during 5-6 June,2018 reg. DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/04/18 download
22 5/21/2018-Trg/1291-96 Training on Irrigation Bench Marking to be organized by NWA,CWC ,Pune during 23-27 April,2018 DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/04/18 download
23 No.1/1/2016-CWCRC/SS(2018) Membership/Annual Subscription by CWC(HQ) employees for CWC Recreation Club. US(E.IV) 20/04/18 download
24 No.4/15/2018-Trg./1323-26 Dated 20/04/2018 Asia- Pacific Regional Workshop - in New Delhi during 24-27 April, 2018-reg DIRECTOR (TRG.) 20/04/18 download
25 No.G-20017/2/2018-Budget Section/I/1528/2018 (1-2) Forwarding of Minutes of the Meeting on expenditure review held on 6-4-2018 under the Chairmanship of JS (A&GW) S.O.(BUDGET) 19/04/18 download