Item - VI  Statement of Categories of Documents that are held by the Central Water Commission


Statement of Categories of documents that are held by the Commission are:

6.1 Classified

  • 1. Hydrological data of Ganga, Brahmaputra and Indus basins and related water year books.

6.2 General

Following documents fall under this category:

  • (i) Hydrological data of rivers other than of Ganga & Brahmaputra basins and related water year, sediment year and water quality year books.
  • ii) Water and related statistics like information on water and related resources, resource utilization, production related performance and efficiency, financial performance etc.
  • (iii) Reference manuals/guidelines prepared by CWC like design flood manual, manual on design of gates, hoists, manual on flood forecasting etc.
  • (iv) Manuals/guidelines prepared by other agencies like Life of Reservoirs - CBIP, Design of Small Dams – United States Bureau of Reclaimation (USBR), Design of Gravity Dam- USBR etc.
  • (v) BIS Codes prepared by Bureau of Indian Standards
  • (vi) Detailed Project Reports received from States and other agencies for techno-economic clearance.
  • (vii) Detailed Project Reports of projects investigated by CWC
  • (viii) Pre-Feasibility Reports
  • (ix) Design/Technical Memorndums prepared by CWC as a part of providing Design Consultancy.
  • (x) Technical Specifications of various components of projects prepared by CWC as a part of providing Design Consultancy.
  • (xi) Flood Estimation Reports.
  • (xii) Study reports for the studies carried out by CWC in-house or through consultants - such as performance evaluation studies, reservoir capacity survey studies (hydrographis/ through remote sensing techniques), hydrological studies, system studies etc.
  • (xiii) Model Study Reports.
  • (xiv) Other Publications brought out by CWC from time to time.

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